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Chakra Meditation: Swadhisthana, The Sacrum

A chakra often characterized for its sexuality, I find its watery dimensions to be layered with both humanity and divinity. Growing up in a society that exploits sex and a religion that denied it, I observed it too often reduced to one or the other. The sexual energy this chakra represents spans desire, sensation, pleasure, need and emotion. Much like water changes form to become ice or snow, t...подробнее

Mantra Monday: Don`t Do Yoga

Don`t do yoga. Step onto your mat with your bare feet. Breathe. Pick a yoga pose, any pose. But don`t do it; at least not the way in which you`re accustomed. Arrange your arms and legs and body to take up the outer form of the pose, then wait. Breathe. Feel the yoga pose spread from your center and push out into the edges of your body, refining. Don`t move so much as expand by millimeters where...подробнее